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Printing (all forms) | Product Branding | Signage | Design | Audio/TV Commercial & More

For general advertisement projects like these contact us for premium quality work at the best prices. Call.

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Our website is an exciting place with loads of visitors every day and production houses sifting through for talents and services to work with, it’s a great MARKETPLACE for service providers like you, where people come to look for YOUR SERVICES, or to look for you! If you want a larger market, it’s easy, it’s just ₵50 a whole year! Sign up for Market Listing, and when your new clients call ask them where they found you! AdVenture Media Market



We also keep an extensive list of businesses and resources in media and advertising across the country. If you need information on location, pricing and types of services available anywhere or need help putting together your project, call us.


Video Commercial | Audio Commercial | Commercial Photoshoot | Graphic Design & Animation

We offer outstanding production in Graphic Design, Photography, Film and Audio, for various uses. Design, Photography and Video are powerful tools that sell your company, branding you as excellent (or not). Our agency works with the best teams to offer you state of the art creative productions balancing speed, budget and output, to beat your imagination. Take a look at samples of our work here and call us to find out how we can transform the image of your company.



Creativity transforms everything, impressing your audience on your attention to detail and quality of output. Whether you are producing an advertisement, magazine, documentary, event, or furnishing your office; any project, we can design the creative aspects of that project to achieve the best impact, leaving you to think only about implementation.

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We assist businesses to design the corporate image of their company; to position their brand in the market and give people more reason to do business with it. This includes brand name design, insight into the company and its trademark, slogans, core values, business communication, presentation, products & services branding etc. Branding identifies your business to the market and this service is suitable for start-ups or companies that need to redefine themselves.



consultancyFor one part we look at your market and advise your company on penetrating or taking control of the market through products & services design, competitive advantage, pricing, sales & distribution strategies, and other factors that better position your business in the market.

For the second part we look at promotion strategies; selling the company; how do you advertise within your budget, understanding your key demographics; Graphic Design, Photography, Audio/Video Production, Social Media, Website and other media; how do you harness these to translate into growth, to achieve targets? Research and market studies are an important part of our processes. Our recommendations are based on years of profitable experience in business. The marketing consultancy takes different forms depending on the size and needs of the company or organisation; be it general marketing strategies for small and medium scale businesses, or corporate, innovation and growth strategies for larger companies with more specific needs and targets.


We offer promotion management services to businesses that want to focus on operations. Companies can contract out their entire promotional functions to us for professional year-round business promotion for the company at lower costs. We have experienced digital marketers, and marketing and assistive professionals to engage the market on your behalf whether on social media, TV, radio, print media, direct marketing or other strategies.



production managementFor production houses or companies geared up for TV commercial production or photo shoots, we offer production management services to save tremendous cost of coordinating a production, leaving the team focused and inspired for excellent results. We do casting, production crew management, production planning, line production/coordination, location management, etc.


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advertiseAs you would see we boast a lovable website, seeing loads of visitors every day! Our social media pages are huge too, offering a great market.

That is why we are offering you the opportunity to advertise directly on these platforms, at low costs, for DIRECT impact! with the people that matter, under the most flexible arrangements.

Whether it's a shoe, new arrivals at your shop, an event or your big business service; the space is yours.